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Adsorption of Reactive Blue 19 Dye by Sugarcane Bagasse and the Proposed Modelling

[ Vol. 5 , Issue. 2 ]


Dal Singh Kharat*   Pages 155 - 165 ( 11 )


Objective: Adsorption studies were performed in equilibrium and kinetic modes using the solution containing Reactive blue 19 dye as adsorbate and sugarcane bagasse as an adsorbent.

Observation: The dye removal efficiency was found to increase from 12.88 to 57.81% with an increase in the adsorbent dose from 1.5 to 15 g/L for a solution with an initial dye concentration of 80 mg/L.

The dye removal efficiency was also found to increase from 60.82 to 73.59% with an increase in the salinity of the dye solution from 2 to 10 g/L. A significant increase in the dye removal efficiency (from 8.33 to 74.22%) was observed with change in the solution pH from 9.5 to 11.5. The equilibrium study results were found to be in agreement with the linear isotherm. Adsorption kinetic studies were carried out and it was observed that most of the dye adsorption is accomplished in a contact time of 120 min. A new kinetic model has been proposed to analyze data.

Result: The kinetic experimental data was found to be in good agreement with the proposed model.


Adsorption, sugarcane bagasse, colour removal, reactive blue 19 dye, proposed kinetic model, textile industry.


Central Pollution Control Board, East Arjun Nagar, Shahdara, Delhi-110032

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